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Charme & Caractère loyalty program

Charme & Caractère launches the first loyalty program that is not based on the money that customers spend with us but that rewards what they will do for our reputation on social networks.

It will not cost you anything!

The purpose of this program is to create a new relationship with our customers and to reward them not because they spend money with us, but to reward them every time they do something for our reputation, for your notoriety.

Each time they will act for us, they will earn points in different categories and participate in a permanent contest in real time. They will earn badges (as on Tripadvisor or Waze for example) and the contest will have winners of gifts every day, every week, every month and every year.

All of this is fully paid for and supported by Charme & Caractère so you can freely push your customers to participate. The more each of us does this, the more we will all benefit from our hotels.

In addition, you will be able to grant your customers "Super Nice Customer" bagdes giving them points for our competition but also allowing them to identify themselves by going from hotels to hotels ...

When you notice that a client shows up with many Super Nice Customer" badges, we hope that you treat him as a VIP and that you will give him immediate advantages ...

It is a way to identify our customers, to share them without commission and to give them strong signs of recognition ...

Discover and broadcast our video presentation of our program

You can find out how this loyalty program works on our websites under "Loyalty & Rewards" and in the file below:

Here is a summary of the main benefits of this program:


1) A simple program, very current, fun and bringing both digital rewards (badges) and physical rewards (goodies, restaurant meals, nights of hotels ...) every day in a permanent contest that can to be viral fast. Customers can play from their smartphone or pc.


2) A program that costs absolutely nothing to hoteliers and you can spread widely peace of mind.


3) A program that can bring a lot of visibility and customers if everyone plays the game and offers it.

You can even and this is a first reward your best customers by granting them points of "Super Nice Customer" (we finally reverse the relationship / rating between customers and us in a positive way).

You will also be able to manage customer reviews of your business and remove negatives from yourself.

You dream of that ? We did it.


4) A program that should allow easier identification of our customers and a better reception of them. You can easily and freely grant small immediate benefits to this clientele. It is essential to do this to encourage the program.


5) All our collaborators (and you too) will also be identified when they travel and can participate also and get gifts and discounts by showing up.

If we want this program to work,
you must be proud of it and make it live ...

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