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The HCC site is our showcase. It evolves permanently to improve fluidity and readability. Its attendance is constantly growing.


In addition to the French site, we have created two other sites, one in English and one in Spanish to be even more effective in these markets.

They all work in “responsive” version (for tablets, smartphones…).


We invite you in particular to read the page “Find a hotel” which explains to our customers how to find a hotel (we recomed you to master yourself these different methods).


Mastering these methods offers you a very efficient way to help your customers, and a better understanding of your own page functions.


The main page – your mini-site

We recommend you to have a look at your information and verify the links to the mail, phone, website…

We are at your disposal to change whatever you want to improve the content of your page. We can change the order of pictures, presentation text […] on your demand. Everything is feasible (well almost…).

You have to check your information on the 3 sites.

- English Site

- French Site
- Spanish Site

“World Map” page & “Destinations” page

These pages enable costumers to find your establishement either through the map or by refining their research by destination.

  • World Map Page

Check the link on the map and his location, then verify it in the complete list bellow.

French SIte
English Site
Spanish Site


  • Destinations Page

Click on your country / region and check the price information “from”, then click on the picture to check the link to your main page. Each photo gives access to the main hotels page.

Site Français
Site en anglais
Site en Espagnol

The pages “Your desires”

Your establishement has been selected to be part of a few more specific market categories  “Your desires”.


In the integration mail, we have informed you about the themes that were chosen for you, in accordance with your establishement. We invite you to check them, and you’re welcome to propose us your incorporation in additional categories.


See below the list of the different categories and their principles of selection :

- Sea =>     http://www.hotels-charme.uk/seas      -     http://www.hotels-charme.com/merseteau     -     http://www.hotels-charme.es/maresyagua
=> To be at the water's edge (sea, ocean, lake) or have aquatic facilities
- Mountain =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.uk/mountain     -     http://www.hotels-charme.com/montagnes      -      http://www.hotels-charme.es/montanas
=> Being in the mountains and / or being close to ski resorts / activities related to snow
- Castles & Manors =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.uk/castles     -     http://www.hotels-charme.com/chateaux     -     http://www.hotels-charme.es/castillos
=> To be a castle, a manor or a house evoking the castles or the great mansions
- Travels =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.uk/travels     -     http://www.hotels-charme.com/voyages      -     http://www.hotels-charme.es/viajes
=> All hotels outside France. There is a France category for foreigners, which will return to France
- Cities =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.uk/cities     -     http://www.hotels-charme.com/villes      -     http://www.hotels-charme.es/ciudades
=> All hotels in big cities
- Villages & Nature =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.uk/villages     -     http://www.hotels-charme.com/villages-nature      -     http://www.hotels-charme.es/pueblos
=> All those who are not located in a big city
- Wellness & Well-being =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.uk/well-being     -     http://www.hotels-charme.com/bien-etre-spa      -      http://www.hotels-charme.es/bienestar
=> All who have a Spa equipment, wellness area
- Gastronomy  =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.uk/gastronomy     -     http://www.hotels-charme.com/gastronomie      -      http://www.hotels-charme.es/gastronomia
=> All those who have a restaurant noted in "La Liste", the Michelin and / or Gault & Millau Guides.
- Family Travel / Family Trip   =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.com/voyageenfamille     -     http://www.hotels-charme.uk/family-trip     -    http://www.hotels-charme.es/viajes-familiares
=> All those who have family rooms from 4 people and / or policy and special attentions for families
- Golf  =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.com/golf     -     http://www.hotels-charme.uk/golf     -     http://www.hotels-charme.es/golf
=> All those who are within 15/20 km of a golf course and / or who put special packages forward with a golf course
- Wine routes    =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.com/routesduvin     -     http://www.hotels-charme.uk/wine-routes     -     http://www.hotels-charme.es/rutas-vino
=> All those who are on vineyard terroirs and who put them in their package or their hotel or have an exceptional cellar
- South France =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.uk/south-france     -     http://www.hotels-charme.com/sud-france     -     http://www.hotels-charme.es/surdefrancia
=> All those who are located in the great south of France
- French Brittany =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.uk/brittanyfrance     -     http://www.hotels-charme.com/bretagne      -     http://www.hotels-charme.es/bretana
=> All those who are located in the departments Franch of Brittany
- The Best =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.uk/best     -     http://www.hotels-charme.com/cequisefaitdemieux      -      http://www.hotels-charme.es/lomejor
=> All those who are 4 or 5 stars
- Seminars & meetings    =>    
http://www.hotels-charme.com/seminaires     -     http://www.hotels-charme.uk/seminars-meetings     -     http://www.hotels-charme.es/seminarios-reuniones
=> All those who have seminar rooms and residential packages

Changes or modifications

For any request for change or modification, we invite you to send us an email to contact@hotels-charme.org being the most precise possible.


You can use Wetransfer or Dropbox (both are free) to send us heavy files (pictures or videos).


You are welcome to send us your text in French, English and Spanish for the three pages.


Then, leave time to our little hands and our little eyes to make the changes for your complete satisfaction.

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